When Does Your Car Need Autobody Paint Service

For car lovers, a clean and sharp paint job matters! Whether you own an antique collectible car or a new everyday vehicle, keeping the paint in top shape looks great and prevents exterior damage, like rust.

When to Invest in a New Paint Job

With Autobody Repairs

Major collisions and hail damage require autobody repairs to restore the appearance and function of a vehicle. However, vehicles also need autobody repairs for minor issues, like dents, scratches, chips, cracks, or other surface imperfections.

Often, we incorporate paint touchups as part of the autobody repair process. We offer paint matching to create an almost seamless appearance. For extensive damage, the vehicle may need a complete paint job to restore the integrity of the exterior.

Vehicle Rust

A car’s paint does more than just display your style; it also protects your vehicle. It acts as a barrier from environmental elements that lead to rust.

Rust can occur when a vehicle experiences damage, like hail or dents, that exposes the metal under the paint. It’s vital to schedule autobody repairs quickly to avoid rust. We can restore vehicles with rust damage either with a partial or complete paint job, depending on the volume of the damage.

Aging Paint

Most modern vehicles’ paint will last for ten to 15 years. As paint ages, it may become faded or dull. In these cases, a new paint job refreshes the vehicle while adding further protection. The fresh paint can likely last for another 15 years when coupled with a clear bra.

We specialize in luxury brand vehicles, like BMW, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes, Porsche, and more. Our team understands the importance of a quality paint job for your older luxury vehicle.

Custom Paint Job

You don’t have to wait until your vehicle experiences damage or age before scheduling a new paint job. We also offer custom paint services. As a car lover, you can make your vehicle unique to you.

Whether you want to add a few details, like racing stripes or create a totally new look, our team has the passion and skill to transform your vehicle. We’ve worked with many clients to craft creative custom paint jobs over the years.

How to Protect Your New Paint Job

Once you’ve invested in a new paint job, you’ll want to protect the surface for lasting results.

  • Apply a clear bra, which is a paint protection film
  • Wash the vehicle regularly
  • Polish with vehicle wax
  • Cover with a car cover when parked outside
  • Repair dents, scratches, dings, and hail damage quickly

It doesn’t take much work to keep your car in great shape. Practice these preventative habits to make your paint last longer.

Your Trusted Source for Autobody Paint

Rallye Coach Works has served customers for over 40 years with excellent autobody service. Our team not only has the skill and experience to do the job right, but they also love cars. We are passionate about quality service and building trusted client relationships that match our passion for creating beautiful and functional vehicles.

Contact us today to schedule an estimate for autobody paint service.

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