What Does an Auto Body Shop Do

An auto body shop addresses the body of the vehicle for repairs, restoration and enhancements. When a vehicle experiences a collision or weather damage, a body shop does the repair work to restore the vehicle to its pre-accident condition. A body shop also adds customization, like auto body paint and upgraded features, to the body of the vehicle.

Rallye Coach Works, we serve clients in the Denver area with excellent and highly-experienced auto body service.

What Is an Auto Body Shop?

An auto body shop specializes in automotive bodywork. This means anything not related to the mechanics of the vehicle, like the frame, panels, bumpers and paint. Body shops often offer a range of services from hail damage repair to paint customization.

Auto body shops can be part of a dealership, insurance preferred or independent. Rallye Coach Works is 100% independent. We work for our customer’s best interests because we are not financially bound to a specific insurance provider.

Auto Body Shop Vs. Mechanic

What are the differences between an auto body shop and an auto repair shop? While the names are similar, the functions and services differ. Mechanics provide service at auto repair shops. A mechanic fixes the engine and engine components. These are the parts of the vehicle that allow the automobile to run.

An auto body shop repairs or enhances the body of the vehicle and works with the parts and components that aren’t included in the mechanical functions. An auto body technician tackles the aesthetics and structure of the vehicle.

What Does an Auto Body Shop Do?

Different auto body shops may specialize in different aspects of auto body work. In general, auto body shops cover both repairs and customizations. However, some shops may focus on specifics, like restoration, paintless dent repair or clear bra installation.

Rallye Coach Works is a full-service auto body shop offering all types of repairs, restorations and customizations.

We work on projects of all scopes and sizes. From minor dent repairs to full-scale vehicle customizations, we have the skill and equipment to do the job right.

How to Choose an Auto Body Shop

Select the best auto body shop for your project. Often after an accident, the insurance company recommends a preferred auto body shop. In these cases, the auto body shop works for the interests of the insurance company.

We recommend working with an independent body shop that works directly for you, as the customer. You get the right repairs and parts without cutting corners. We are independent because we believe in doing the job right.

When looking for an auto body shop ask your mechanic, friends or family for recommendations. We find word-of-mouth produces positive results. Also, research reviews and testimonials. We’re always happy to share references with clients.

Be aware of estimates that seem too good to be true. We offer a fair price, but we also use quality parts and have a highly-trained team. If you get a quote that is much lower than other auto body shops, you may end up with subpar results.

Finally, work with an auto body shop that has the experience, training and certifications to back up their work. Auto body repair is a specialized field that requires specialized training. Get the results you deserve by working with experienced and trusted professionals.

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