How to Prevent Autobody Damage in the Winter

Colorado winter weather can cause auto body damage for your vehicle. Slippery roads can lead to fender benders. Excess dirt and debris on the roads can cause chips and other damage to the paint. At Rallye Coach Works, we offer auto body repairs and damage prevention. As Denver’s expert auto body repair shop, we’re here to keep your car looking great throughout the year!

Tips to Avoid Winter Auto Body Damage

While we can’t keep your vehicle safe from all damage, we do offer tips to minimize the impact of winter weather on your car. Follow our expert advice to protect your vehicle.

Dent Removal Service

If your car experiences damage in a collision, schedule repairs quickly. Leaving dents unrepaired can lead to rust and additional paint chipping. Our expert technicians use the most effective methods and tools to remove dents and touch up the paint.

Clear Bra Installation

Our clear bra installation service is an excellent way to protect your car’s paint job during the winter months. A clear bra covers the vehicle with a thin protective layer to help prevent scratches and abrasions that can occur when gravel, rocks, ice, or other road debris hits your car.

Wash Car Regularly

Washing your car during the winter months removes substances that could damage paint, like salt or deicer. When the snow melts, dirty water splashes onto the vehicle as you drive, leaving a layer of abrasive dirt that can damage the paint. Regular washing helps prevent paint damage.

Check Tire Pressure

Tire pressure typically decreases in cold weather. Underinflated tires lose air resistance, making them more likely to skid and cause a collision. Plus, underinflated tires also wear down faster than properly inflated ones.

Park in a Garage or Use a Car Cover

Protect your vehicle’s surface when you can by parking inside the garage or covering the car with a car cover during bad weather. The extra protection will help reduce the risk of damage to your vehicle.

Properly Remove Snow and Ice

Use a soft brush to remove snow from the surface of the car. Also, check the brush to ensure it is clean and contains no hard debris. Wash the brush periodically to remove any built-up dirt that could scratch your vehicle.

Schedule Paint Touchup

If you have damaged or missing paint, schedule a paint repair service. We offer paint matching for a seamless and smooth appearance. If the paint becomes chipped or damaged, the damaged area can spread. Instead, repair the paint and avoid further damage.

Minimize Vehicle Damage this Winter

At Rallye Coach Works, we care about cars! That’s why we want to make sure you know how to prevent winter auto body damage. We are locally owned and operated, so we understand the harsh Colorado winters.
Our team of expert technicians has the training, equipment, and experience to repair dents, install clear bras, and custom match paint. We serve clients in Denver and across the Front Range with outstanding auto body service. Contact us today to schedule a project estimate.