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Car accidents are scary and stressful. Not only is the initial accident traumatic, but managing the details after the crash adds to the unpleasantness.

Once you’ve assessed the damage and taken care of the emergency response, it’s time to follow up with your insurance company.

Following the correct process for communication and the claim can help achieve better results with the insurance company.

What To Do At the Scene of the Accident

Stay Put and Get Help

Take care of any injuries. Your health and safety come first. The best thing you can do to protect yourself is to remain at the accident scene and call 911.

The police will document the event, which may prove valuable during the claims process. You do not need to admit fault to the officer or other drivers.

Inspect and Document the Damage

If possible, take photos of the vehicle, the damage, and any other evidence that could be helpful to the insurance adjuster. If there is a lot of damage, consider taking pictures from different angles to show how the damage occurred.

You may also want to take photos of any injuries and the other vehicles involved.

Contacting the Insurance Company

The driver deemed “at-fault” in the accident must contact their insurance company. If you are not an “at-fault driver,” you may still want to follow up with the other driver’s insurance agent to ensure they follow the proper process.

When contacting the insurance company, make sure to include the information listed below:

  • Insurance Policy Number
  • Policyholder Name
  • Date of Loss
  • Location of Loss
  • Make/Model of Vehicle Involved

Keep Records

You should keep copies of all correspondence between you and the insurance company, including emails, texts, phone calls, letters, and faxes.

Also, keep copies of any expenses related to the accident, like medical bills, vehicle repairs, or rental cars.

You should not contact the other drivers involved directly. The police, insurance company, or attorney should handle communication.

Negotiate with the Insurance Company

The insurance company wants to save money. They may provide an offer below the estimated costs for repairs or damages.

You have a right to reject the settlement and negotiate. The insurance company likely doesn’t want to deal with a lawsuit. Therefore, they may willingly negotiate a better offer.

Schedule Auto Body Repairs

Your insurance company may have a preferred auto body shop which they work with directly. In most cases, these repair shops work for the insurance company. Therefore, their motivation is to provide the lowest cost of repairs to save the insurance company money.

You have the option to work with an independent auto body repair shop dedicated to serving you with the best quality repairs. Rallye Coach Works is 100% independent.

Protect Your Interests After an Auto Accident

Rallye Coach Works serves clients in the Denver Metro area with top-quality auto body repairs. We understand how to communicate with insurance companies after an accident.

The insurance claim process may feel daunting, but don’t become discouraged. You deserve the coverage owed to you from your auto insurance policy.

As an independent auto body shop, we work for you. We aim to offer the most effective repairs to ensure your vehicle looks and performs its best when it leaves our shop.

Contact us to schedule auto body repairs.

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