How to Choose an Auto Body Shop

You’ve finally decided to get your car fixed after an accident or other damage. The Denver area has many auto body shops offering minor repairs to major overhauls. If you don’t know where to start, you might end up spending too much or getting subpar service.

Choosing an auto body repair shop isn’t always easy. There are several things you should consider before hiring one. These include location, insurance coverage, reputation, and cost.

At Rallye Coach Works, we walk customers through the details for repairs. We believe informed car owners can make better decisions about repairs. We are a locally-owned, Colorado small business. Outstanding service with quality repairs builds customer relationships and a trusted reputation.

How Do I Know If an Auto Body Shop is Good?

When choosing an auto repair shop, it’s essential to ask questions. Here are a few helpful questions:

  • Location – Is the shop near your home or work? What’s the distance between your house or office and the place you’re considering? Does the repair facility have convenient hours that fit into your schedule?
  • Insurance Coverage – How does the shop handle claims? Are they willing to accept your insurance carrier’s policy?
  • Reputation – Ask around. See what people say about the shop. Check online reviews. Look at how long the shop has been in business.
  • Cost – How much will it cost? Will the shop give you a written estimate?

What Should I Consider When Choosing an Autobody Shop?

You want to choose a shop that offers good value for the money. That means finding out how much it costs to fix your vehicle. It also means comparing prices among different shops. However, the cheapest option may mean lower quality service or parts.

Tips for Choosing an Auto Body Shop in Denver:

When choosing an auto body shop, decide whether you want to go to a collision repair shop or one specializing in non-collision repair. Collision repair involves fixing dents, scratches, and other damages caused by an auto accident or fender bender. Non-collision repair deals with more routine issues, like upgrading the paint, repairing rock chips, or installing a clear bra.

At Rallye Coach Works, we have repair technicians trained in both types of projects. When you work with Rallye, you get the highest level of service using the latest industry knowledge and technology.

Are there Drawbacks to Choosing your Insurance Company’s Recommended Body Shop?

Your insurer may recommend a preferred shop because they work for the insurance company. However, you shouldn’t let that influence your decision. After all, you need to find a reputable shop that provides high-quality services at a reasonable price.

Often, preferred shops prioritize cost savings for the insurance company. Rallye Coach Workss is 100% independent, which means we work 100% for our customers. Look for an independent shop. Compare estimates for repairs and the recommended repairs before making a final choice.

Choose Rallye Coach Works

We offer outstanding customer service and an excellent reputation for top results. Positive reviews support our reputation for success. Car owners throughout the Denver area trust us for auto body repair service. We prioritize the use of original equipment manufacturer parts, and our technicians have proper training and certifications.

Contact us today to schedule an estimate or repair job.

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