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At Rallye Coach Works, we often receive questions about the cost of auto body repairs. We understand the importance of budget when deciding on vehicle repairs. Yet, the answer isn’t simple. Each project varies based on your vehicle’s condition and the work you want or need.

Before we begin any project, we provide an estimate. We want our clients to understand the cost involved and feel good about the decision to invest in auto body repairs. Our reputation matters to us. That includes trust and clear communication.

Factors that Impact the Costs for Repairs

Many different factors contribute to the cost of your vehicle’s auto body repairs. Here, we cover a few of the most common influences on price.

  • Make and Model – As a general rule, the more a vehicle costs, the more you’ll pay for repairs. Newer cars and luxury vehicles have higher repair costs. Often, luxury cars have more complex systems. Also, the parts and materials to make the repairs cost more to procure.
  • Type of Damage – The larger the damage, the more expensive the repair costs. Small dents or scratches are easy to repair. Major hail damage takes longer which costs more for labor. Also, large-scale damage from an accident requires both more parts and hours of labor.
  • Hidden Damage – Even accidents that don’t look too bad on the surface can have hidden damage that impacts cost. For example, if you are in a rear-end crash and see bumper damage, your car may also have damage to the frame. Therefore, we offer a cost estimate upfront and keep you updated throughout the process.
  • Upgraded Features – For vehicles with upgrades, the cost for repairs increases if you want to replace or repair the upgraded items.
  • The Specific Auto Body Repair Shop – Dealerships usually cost more for repairs than independent body shops. Rallye Coach Works is 100% independent. This means we do not work for a dealership or insurance company. We work for you!

Why We Choose OEM Parts

OEM parts (Original Equipment Manufacturer) are parts produced by the same company that made the vehicle. We prioritize the use of OEM parts for all repairs. Even if an insurance company requires non-OEM parts, we still recommend OEM parts and work to find the best part for your vehicle.

Based on our extensive experience, we’ve found that OEM parts last longer and work better. They are produced and designed for your specific vehicle. You don’t get better results than that.

Our goal is to provide the best possible outcome for our clients. We want your vehicle to look and work its best when it leaves our shop. OEM parts allow us to do that.

Common Auto Body Repairs

  • Hail Damage – In Colorado, cars often experience hail damage. We offer both paintless dent removal (PDR) and traditional dent removal. Left unrepaired, hail damage can lead to rust and lower the resale value of your vehicle.
  • Bumper Damage – Whether from fender benders or a major accident, bumpers frequently need repairs. We work on repairs of all sizes, from full bumper replacement to simple paint damage. The bumper repair costs vary based on the scale of the damage.
  • Paint Scratches – Much like hail, Colorado vehicle owners expect paint scratches. We offer color-matching services. From chipped paint to deep paint scratches, we provide the solution you need to restore your vehicle to its factory finish.
  • Body Panel Replacement – Collisions often impact the doors or other body panels of the vehicle. We can replace one or more of the panels as needed. We also offer paint services, including paint color-matching.
  • Dent Repair – Dents don’t always come from hail. Grocery carts, car doors and other impact damage cause dents. We have the knowledge and tools to repair dents, both large and small.

Working with Your Insurance Company

Comprehensive car insurance usually covers damage from hail, collisions or other accidents. Each policy differs. You should check with your insurance company regarding your specific coverage.

Rallye Coach Works is an independent auto body repair shop. However, we do accept and will work with your insurance company. We understand the insurance process and will provide the paperwork and information you need for the claim.

Your Trusted Denver Auto Body Shop

Contact us today to schedule an estimate. We are always happy to talk with our clients about the costs for repairs. We’re here to help you restore your vehicle!

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