Why You Should Fix Hail Damage on Your Car Quickly

Vehicle dents from accidents, road debris, or weather can lead to more extensive damage during the winter months. Repairing autobody damage before the weather turns to snow and ice can save you from additional wear.

Rallye Coach Works offers autobody repairs in the Denver Metro area. Our expert technicians have the skill and experience to fix any level of dent.

How Do I Know If My Vehicle Needs a Dent Repair?

Even minor damage from a flying rock that chips the vehicle’s paint or a door ding can leave wear on the car’s exterior. While these may appear insignificant, over time, the damage can worsen.

For larger-scale damage, like dents caused by a hailstorm, the need for repairs becomes more apparent. Even then, some car owners don’t want to spend the time or money on autobody repairs. Yet, not fixing dents can cause chipped paint and rust. Also, damage reduces the resale value.

If your vehicle has dents, schedule an appointment with Rallye Coach Works for a repair quote.

The Impact of Cold Weather on Vehicle Dents

Did you know that cars experience more damage during the winter months? Slippery weather leads to more fender benders. Also, roads are typically dirty during the winter months, which means flying road debris.

What about those vehicles that get damaged during the winter? When vehicle owners don’t schedule repairs quickly, the dents may become worse due to the weather.

What Causes Dents to Worsen During Winter?

Salt and chemicals on the road can speed deterioration from dents. The salt causes corrosion, while the chemicals make it easier for water to penetrate the metal. This combination creates a perfect environment for rust.

In addition, cold temperatures can also cause dents to worsen. When the temperature drops below freezing, the moisture freezes into place, and the metal becomes brittle. It is much harder to remove this frozen layer than when the metal is warm.

While many factors contribute to dents worsening during the winter months, repairing them before the season starts will help prevent additional damage.

Tips to Prepare Vehicles for Winter

Prepare your vehicle for winter weather to avoid accidents and damage.

  • Keep your tires inflated adequately – Proper tire pressure helps ensure that the wheels stay aligned and that your vehicle doesn’t hydroplane. Check inflation levels every month and adjust as needed.
  • Make sure your windshield wipers work well – Replace windshield wiper blades at least once per year. They can wear out faster in colder climates.
  • Repair vehicle autobody damage – Have any dings or scratches fixed before the weather turns colder. As we mentioned, damage often becomes worse during winter, which leads to higher repair costs later.
  • Replace Vehicle Fluids – Changing oil and antifreeze is essential because the oils keep the engine lubricated, and the coolant keeps the engine from overheating. Other fluids like windshield wiper fluid are vital for visibility during winter weather.

Fix Autobody Issues with Help from Rallye Coach Works

Denver car owners trust Rallye Coach Works for repairs and enhancements. Keep your vehicle in top shape this winter by scheduling repairs for dents and scratches.

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