Rallye Coach Works Ferrari 308

This month we’re taking a look at Ferrari. Ever since I can remember I loved cars. I use to identify them to my parents while we were driving. I would be on the lookout. Dad would quiz me, “What’s that one” it was a game. This was in the 60’s when there were a lot of cool cars American and European ones and they all had their own identity and to see a Ferrari was a real treat. You see my Dad and his brother had an import salvage parts and paint and body shop business. My Dad mostly took care of the parts and my Uncle Eddie took care of the paint and body side of it. You could say I was brain washed. I loved to help my Uncle. One summer around 1971 they took in a 1967 Ferrari 275GT that needed a complete paint job. They had me helping chemical strip it with Aircraft stripper. I could remember my dad saying whatever you do don’t get it in your eyes you’ll go blind. He would go to jail if this happened today; it was defiantly a different time. Layer after layer of lacquer came off all kinds of primer and filler came off. I think I remember from walking around the material that came off the car it eating a pair of Converse All Stars that I was wearing. Then they let me go after it with an air powered sander to finish it off, I was in heaven power tools at 13 how cool was I. I think it took me weeks to accomplish. Then my uncle put back on filler and many coats of primer with lots of wet sanding between. They waited till the right night to paint it. You see they didn’t have a spray booth. Not many shops had them back then. My Uncle would spray at night after it rained was perfect, less dust. He would apply about 4 or 5 coats of Acrylic Lacquer then wet sand it between coats and repeat the process and then apply the clear coats and sand in between coats. Then sand and polish. You could say he was my mentor.

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