Dry Ice Dent Repair. Does It Work?

You may have heard the exciting news that dry ice can repair dents and save you money on autobody service. We’ve also had customers ask if we use the dry ice method to remove dents from vehicles.

We’re sorry to break the news, but dry ice doesn’t repair dents to your vehicle’s autobody.

What Is the Dry Ice Dent Repair Myth?

The myth is that dry ice will fix a dent in your vehicle’s body panel. The truth is that this isn’t true at all!

As with much misinformation today, the dry ice myth popped up on the internet as a cost-effective solution to repair hail damage and other minor dents in vehicles.

The story goes that a sudden change in temperature makes dents pop out of metal. The method is to first heat the dented area with a hair dryer or heat gun. Then place dry ice over the damaged area, and it will pop out like magic.

Here’s the problem. Even if the metal shifts from the extreme change in temperature, you have no control over how it will move. Plus, when a dent occurs, the metal often stretches. Popping out a dent won’t leave a smooth and repaired surface. In fact, you’ll probably just make matters worse.

The bottom line? Don’t believe everything you see on the internet. Stick to trusted sources with experience, training, and a track record of success.

At Rallye Coach Works, we’re passionate about cars. We don’t want you to ruin your car’s surface or add to the damage. Avoid the dry ice myth. Instead, let us fix your dents the right way.

What Are the Risks When Using Dry Ice for Dent Repair?

Using dry ice to repair dents comes with risks.

  • Frostbite – Dry ice can freeze your skin and cause dangerous frostbite.
  • Paint Damage – The extreme change in temperature can cause loose paint to chip or come off.
  • Make Dents Worse – Unfortunately, you have little control over the movement of the metal when using heat or dry ice to try and remove dents. The result could be more damage.
  • Warranty Issues – Vehicle warranties often require service from professional mechanics and auto body repair shops. DIY repairs that lead to additional damage can void the warranty.
  • Time-Consuming – It might seem worth the risk for one dent, but hail damage with hundreds or thousands of dents would take forever with DIY repairs.

Don’t risk it! Stick to proven methods to restore your vehicle and prevent further damage.

What Actually Works to Remove Autobody Dents?

Invest in autobody repairs from a professional and trusted auto body repair shop. We know what works to repair dents.

At Rallye Coach Works, we offer our Denver area customers traditional and paintless dent repair (PDR). We assess the damage to determine the most effective method to restore the vehicle’s surface. When selecting the best approach, we consider the time for repairs, budget, insurance coverage, and results.

PDR works great to remove dents caused by hail or other shallow dents. PDR uses specialized tools to remove the damage and restore the vehicle’s smooth surface. This method works to intentionally remove dents with a controlled process.

Our team has years of experience repairing dents and restoring surfaces.

Protect Your Vehicle and Wallet

We all want to save money. Plus, as car lovers, we enjoy working on our vehicles. However, some jobs require special tools and training to achieve the best results.

Avoid myths, like repairing dents with dry ice. You’ll likely cost yourself more in the long run and could add to the damage. We know you care about your car. We do too!

Denver car lovers trust Rallye Coach Works for dent repair. We offer fair prices and effective results. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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