Does Insurance Pay the Auto Body Shop Directly

If your vehicle was in an accident, you must navigate the car insurance process to cover the costs of auto body repairs. Customers often want to know how the insurance company will pay the claim.

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t straightforward. The insurance company may pay the claim differently depending on the circumstances involved and your specific company or policy.

At Rallye Coach Works, we are happy to work with customers on insurance claims. We can provide the needed paperwork to support your claim. We can also take payment directly from your insurance company or you.

Ways an Insurance Company May Pay for Repairs

The insurance company may cut a check to the repair shop, customer, or lienholder. It’s essential to understand how and when your insurance company will pay because you will owe the repair shop once they complete the job.

The Insurer Sends the Check Directly to the Auto Body Shop

Insurance companies often recommend preferred auto body shops. These shops work for the insurance company; therefore, the check will usually go directly to the shop to cover the repair costs. If you go with an independent repair shop, the insurance company typically doesn’t send the check to the shop.

The Insurer Sends a Check with the Policyholder and Lienholder Listed

If the car has a lien, the insurance company will likely send a check to the listed policyholder and lienholder. For vehicles with loans or leases, the driver is responsible for making repairs. The lienholder wants to protect their collateral to maintain its value.

In these cases, the lienholder will likely require proof of the repairs before signing off on the payment. In other words, they want to ensure the driver uses the money for repairs and not something else.

The Insurer Sends the Check Directly to the Policyholder

The insurance company can send the check directly to the policyholder for owned vehicles without a lien. Then, the owner becomes responsible for any payments to the repair shop. In these cases, the policyholder keeps any excess amount.

Should You Use the Auto Body Shop Recommended by Your Insurance Company?

If you work with an insurance preferred body shop, that body shop works for the insurance company. They are not protecting your interests. We typically recommend working with an auto body shop with a reputation for quality work and excellent service.

Rallye Coach Works is 100% independent. As an independent auto body shop, we work for our customers. Our priority is repairing your vehicle to restore its beauty and function. We believe trusted relationships matter in an industry where customers don’t always feel valued. That’s why we work hard to protect our reputation as a top Denver auto body repair shop.

Choose A Trusted Local Auto Body Shop

At Rallye Coach Works, our goal is to quickly help you get back on the road. We’ll do everything possible to restore your vehicle to its original condition. When you choose us, you choose a local business that cares about you and your family.

Contact us to schedule an appraisal for collision repairs.

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