Why You Should Fix Hail Damage on Your Car Quickly

Most vehicle owners want their car to look good, but it’s also essential to ensure it runs safely. If you’ve experienced vehicle damage, you might wonder if damaged auto body parts could impact safe vehicle function.

Auto body shops use specialized tools to assess the damage to a vehicle after an accident. The goal is not only to find aesthetic issues but also to locate any safety issues. If you’re thinking about skipping auto body repairs after a crash, consider that many parts do more than simply look good.

Rallye Coach Works provides expert auto body repair services for customers in the Denver Metro area. Damaged vehicles require repairs to not only look great but also to run effectively.

What Is Vehicle Structural Damage?

The term structural damage usually refers to damage caused by a collision, including dents, scratches, and other damage to the vehicle. However, some collisions cause more extensive damage, such as broken windows, missing parts, and bent frames.

When Does Auto Body Damage Make a Vehicle Unsafe to Drive?

Even minor collisions can cause safety issues. While a scratch on a bumper doesn’t impact the vehicle’s safety, a dented fender could rub against a tire leading to a safety issue. Anytime damage interferes with the regular operation of the automobile, there’s a safety risk.

If you’ve experienced a collision or vehicle damage, schedule an inspection to assess the safety and function of the vehicle.

Common Types of Collision Damage that Impact Vehicle Safety

  • Cracked Windshield – A broken windshield can be dangerous because it obscures the driver’s view of the road. Also, depending on the extent of the damage, a cracked windshield risks breaking further and harming the vehicle’s passengers.
  • Dented Fenders – When a metal part like a fender bends out of shape, it creates a hazard. Not only does this make driving unsafe, but it can lead to expensive replacement costs down the road if it rubs against tires or other vehicle parts.
  • Bent Frame – Bending a frame causes serious problems. For example, a frame that bows outwardly will create instability while cornering. In addition, a frame that sags inwardly can interfere with suspension components.
  • Broken Headlights – Broken headlights aren’t just unsightly; they pose a danger to drivers. The driver cannot see in dark conditions without adequately working headlights. Even if the headlight cover doesn’t break, the bulb inside may need replacement due to damage.
  • Damaged Hood – A hood isn’t just decorative; it helps protect passengers from flying debris during accidents. So, if it breaks off, it poses a threat to anyone inside the vehicle. Plus, an exposed engine can lead to further damage of vehicle function.
  • Dented Door Panels – Doors have multiple functions, including protecting occupants from outside elements, providing ventilation, and helping keep items secure within the vehicle. But, if door panels get damaged, these critical features become compromised.

 Schedule Auto Body Repairs to Restore Your Car’s Safety

At Rallye Coach Works, we provide auto body repair services for clients throughout the Denver Metro area. We understand how frustrating it can be to deal with a damaged vehicle. That’s why we offer transparent communication and accurate estimates. We want you to feel confident throughout the repair process.

We’re here to help restore your vehicle to its original condition. Schedule an appointment today!

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