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Can Auto Body Shops Match Paint

Rallye Coach Works is a 100% independent auto body shop and here’s why that is so important: Today most insurance companies have “Preferred” body shops or “Direct Repair Programs” (DRPs) that they “recommend” you use to repair your vehicle.

These DRP programs are a partnership arrangement between the body shop and the insurance company, where the insurance company provides a steady stream of business to the repair facility and the repair facility agrees to keep costs down and move cars through as fast as possible. In some cases, this could mean repairing your car with less expensive non-OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) aftermarket parts and cutting corners for the sake of speed.

It is certainly possible to have a good repair done at one of these shops but remember that they work for the insurance company who is paying for the repair. By Colorado law you have the right to use any repair facility that you choose (Colorado Motor Vehicle Repair Act – House Bill 03-1253) and it is illegal for an insurance company to steer you to a specific shop – they cannot require you to use their DRP or Preferred shops. You may select any shop of your choosing and your insurer must work with them.

At Rallye Coach Works we accept and work WITH all insurance companies, but the only person we ever work FOR is you.

We are an INDEPENDENT shop and are not under any DRP contracts or on any “Preferred” lists with any insurance companies. We will negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to manage your repair in a way that protects your best interests – not theirs.

We offer a lifetime guarantee on workmanship and our paint is warranted through PPG – our paint manufacturer – for as long as you own the vehicle.

We do everything in our power to use original OEM factory parts even when otherwise specified by insurance companies. All repairs are done to OEM guidelines to ensure the manufacturer warranties on parts are upheld.

At Rallye Coach Works we are committed to the highest standards of professionalism and a safe and proper repair for our customers is always our main concern.


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