Aston Martin


This month it’s James Bond. I can remember seeing some of the early films on the big screen as a young boy. “Gold Finger” and “Thunder Ball” come to mind. My Mom and her sister would drop off [...]

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This months newsletter is covering Audi. I have a strong working relationship with Audi, having worked for German car specialty shops for many years including Audi VW dealerships for 16 years. I can remember seeing the then new [...]


Alfa Romeo


This month it’s all about Italy, Momma Mia! As some of you may know I have Italian heritage so these cars have a special place in my heart. I have a mystery story of an Alfa Romeo Coupe [...]

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Sebring 12 Hour is a place where I have fond memories. I went as a spectator twice, first time 1981 and the second time in 1982. I also got to return in 2000 and Vintage race my 1964 [...]


Ferrari 308


This month we’re taking a look at Ferrari. Ever since I can remember I loved cars. I use to identify them to my parents while we were driving. I would be on the lookout. Dad would quiz me, [...]

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