Can Auto Body Shops Match Paint

Auto body repair usually requires touch-up paint. A full paint job is expensive and unnecessary if you are repairing only a specific portion of a vehicle. For example, small repairs like scratches, dents or single panel repairs only need replacement paint versus painting the entire vehicle.

When you work with a certified auto body shop specialized in color matching, you can achieve the look you want without a full paint job. Color-matching gives your vehicle a professional finish by identifying the exact paint color and seamlessly blending the repair with the rest of the finish.

What is Auto Body Color-Matching?

The goal with vehicle paint matching is to find the perfect match to the existing paint on the vehicle.

Each car has a code listed inside that identifies the vehicle manufacturer’s paint color. The paint code gives a starting point for the paint shop to work from. These color codes specify the paint color used for the initial application. Yet, the colors still vary. The humidity, temperature and other factors during the original paint process cause slight variations.

Even if the original paint colors were perfect, the color fades and changes over time. The paint color should reflect the existing paint on the vehicle to create a finished look.

Paint shops use color-matching technology to analyze the current paint and calculate the right paint formula to match. You need a highly skilled technician to do the job right!

The Paint Color-Matching Process

At Rallye Coach Works, we have an on-site paint shop for your convenience. Our team includes certified and trained auto body paint technicians. We use professional-grade equipment and automotive paint. Plus, we maintain a clean and professional paint shop.

We follow a consistent process to ensure you receive the highest standards of service throughout the repair and paint process.

  • Review the Manufacturer’s Color Code – We begin by locating the original color code. We specialize in many different types of vehicle makes, including manufacturer certification and training for auto body repairs.

  • Match the Color – We use advanced technology to find the exact shade combination to match the paint on the vehicle.

  • Mix the Paint and Test a Sample – Then, we mix the paint and test the color on a sample. We compare the sample to your actual vehicle to ensure a match before we apply the paint.

  • Prep the Paint Area – Our technicians prepare the surface area to allow for the best paint application and long-lasting results.

  • Apply the Paint and Blend – Finally, we paint the vehicle and blend into the surrounding areas to create a smooth transition and professional finish.

An Alternative to Touch-Up Paint

Rallye Coach Works also offers Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). This method of dent removal uses a special process and tools to restore the finish without the need for paint.

Colorado vehicles frequently suffer hail damage. PDR is a wonderful alternative to more invasive repairs. Whenever possible, we recommend PDR.

Schedule Color-Matching Service

Contact Colorado’s auto body experts at [site-name-links] for professional paint services. We serve clients throughout the Denver Metro area. Trust your vehicle to our certified and professionally trained team!

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