Auto Restoration Denver

Rallye Coach Works has a restoration team experienced and skilled in every aspect of vintage and collector car restoration.

We have restored dozens of vehicles from almost every decade, from the 50s to the 80s. Let us bring your prized vehicle back to life!

Our Body Panel Finishing and Paint Process

  • For exterior panels, we start with clean media-blasted metal, an essential requirement for a lasting repair job. We then spray the metal with PPG’s Auto Color two-part, acid-etch primer.

  • This is followed by PPG’s urethane fill primer. We block-sand this several times with different grits of sandpaper, starting with 150 and ending with 400, with sprayed coats of more primer in between.

  • The panels are then sealed with two coats of non-sanding sealer. This creates a uniform surface and a barrier to prevent the shrinkage of top coats later.

  • To prevent rock chips, a catalyst-hardened base coat color is then sprayed on, followed by more sanding with 600–1000 grit. Yet another layer of base coat is applied, followed by three coats of high-solid urethane clear coat.

  • RCW’s two state-of-the-art down-draft spray and oven-bake booths guarantee their clients a factory-quality baked-on paint finish.

  • After a curing period, it is sanded again with 1500–2000 grit and then it undergoes a three-step polishing procedure for a perfect show-car finish.

The chassis and underbody panels can be finished with a similar process, or with options tailored to a specific budget.

Rallye Coach Works guarantees all the work, and PPG stands behind all the materials.

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