Paintless Dent Repair Denver

Fix Vehicle Dents Without Damaging the Paint at Rallye Coach Works

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Paintless Dent Repair Denver

Whether you have a door ding or hail damage, Rallye Coach Works can restore your vehicle’s smooth appearance without using traditional auto body repair techniques. The traditional techniques often require paint touchups or full body paint after the repair process.

We offer paintless dent repair (PDR), which is the first and best choice for permanently removing minor dents, creases, door dings and hail damage to your vehicle. This cost-effective method provides the refreshed finish you need without invasive repairs.

PDR is an insurance industry-accepted repair process for fixing surface dents that have not compromised the finish on the outer panels. This process works without requiring body fillers, paint or replacement panels.

Instead, our trained technicians use specialized tools to apply pressure behind the dent to massage it out or pull the dent out from the outside. This process works on both aluminum and steel vehicle panels.

4 Benefits of Paintless Dent Repair

  1. PDR offers the best method to remove dents so that it looks as if they never happened. The process does not disturb the factory paint. This means there’s no grinding, fillers, primer, paint or replacement panels.
  2. PDR is far cheaper than other dent repair options, usually one-third to one-half the cost of conventional body shop repairs. Plus, your insurance may cover most, if not all, costs associated with hail damage or dent repair. Insurance coverage varies depending on your policy and the circumstances that caused the damage.
  3. Paintless dent repair helps you save time. We can remove dents in less than an hour in some cases. Traditional auto body techniques can take days to complete.
  4. PDR is environmentally friendly because your factory paint stays intact on your vehicle. There’s no need for new paint or the use of chemicals often found in other body shops when repairing dents.

Unfortunately, we cannot use paintless dent repair for every dent. Some dents are too severe for this process. Also, some dents have already damaged the paint finish. When this happens, you can still rely on the auto body experts at Rallye Coach Works. We can help you with more traditional auto body techniques to renew your vehicle’s finish.

Rallye Coach Works Offers Paintless Dent Repair Denver

At Rallye Coach Works, we specialize in paintless dent repair for clients in Denver and the surrounding areas. Our technicians receive extensive training in PDR techniques that give your vehicle a flawless finish. Plus, with this quick repair process, you won’t have to give up your vehicle for days or bear the extra expense of renting a car during the repairs.

You can expect amazing quality, prompt results and unmatched customer service when you choose Rallye Coach Works. We stand behind the skill of our highly trained technicians and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your paintless dent repair.

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