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Can Auto Body Shops Match Paint

At Rallye Coach Works, our goal is to restore each vehicle affected by an accident or collision to its pre-accident condition or better. We have the equipment and knowledge to meet your needs even as the automotive industry’s technology accelerates. We invest in continued education to stay current on industry advances and trends.

Our training includes programs through accredited certification, including I-CAR Gold and Platinum, PPG Gold, Car-O-Liner and the highest level of ASE Automotive certifications.

Can Auto Body Shops Match Paint

We’re dedicated to cutting edge technology to serve our customers with collision repair in Denver.

Types of Collision Repair

Depending on the severity of the collision or accident, we create a project plan to address your vehicle’s specific needs. Whether you have a small dent or need a full panel replacement, we offer the right solutions to meet your desired outcome.

  • Body panel replacement

  • Frame repair and alignment

  • Custom part repair or replacement

Auto Body Repair Keeps Your Vehicle Working and Looking Great

Auto body repair is about more than just aesthetics. Yes, our goal is to make your vehicle look like new. But, we also want to extend the life of your vehicle and make it safe for you to drive. A damaged auto body can impact how the mechanical features operate.

One common issue after a collision is frame damage. When your vehicle pulls to one side or shakes while in motion, this is a sign of frame damage. An unrepaired frame may lead to unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle. Plus, it’s not as safe to drive.

The same goes for panel damage. Unrepaired body work may rub the tires or engine parts. Unintended or unseen damage may occur leading to mechanical repairs. As part of our collision repair process, we will inform you of any mechanical issues we identify from the auto body damage.

We Know Insurance Companies

One critical part of collision repairs is a solid understanding and working relationship with insurance companies. We recognize that navigating complex insurance company procedures after an accident may be intimidating. Thankfully, we have the experience to understand insurance requirements and processes.

Many body shops in the Denver area receive labels as “preferred” or “Direct Repair Programs” through insurance companies. We do not accept these labels. Preferred auto body providers work for the insurance company. This means the insurance companies incentivize these body shops to keep costs low.

Instead, we are 100% independent. We accept and work with all insurance companies, but we do not work for the insurance companies. We work for you! Your rights and interests are our priority. Our job is to negotiate your repair with your insurance company to provide the best possible results for your vehicle.

Quality You Can Trust

Relationships matter at Rallye Coach Works! Our staff is a team that’s worked together for years. We aim to build those same lasting relationships with our customers. This means we aren’t out to make a quick buck. Instead, we prioritize customer service. We work hard to identify and recommend only the necessary collision repairs to get your vehicle looking and working its best. We want to be your preferred auto body shop for collision repair Denver.

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