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Clear Bra Denver

Today’s autobody paints are mostly water-based, which means they’re softer and more susceptible to dings and damage. A clear bra is one way to protect your vehicle’s exterior. The Denver auto-body experts at Rallye Coach Works offer clear bra installation.

Benefits of a Clear Bra Installation
A clear bra is a clear urethane film applied to your vehicle’s paint exterior to protect the most vulnerable surfaces. It can help prevent paint chips caused by rocks, gravel, salt or insects. It also provides stain resistance against bird droppings, tree sap, hard-water deposits and other environmental hazards that can damage your car, sports utility vehicle or truck.

A clear bra keeps your vehicle’s paint looking new longer while also letting your vehicle’s beauty shine through. A clear bra is a solid choice, whether you have a brand-new vehicle or a refinished classic.

Vehicle Wrap Packages
We offer a variety of vehicle wrap packages for domestic and foreign cars, including Audi, BMW, Honda, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Toyota and more.

  • Standard wraps include front bumper, partial or complete hood, partial fenders and side mirrors.

  • Full frontal wraps include front bumper, complete hood and fenders, and side mirrors.
  • Full vehicle wraps include complete front bumper, hood, fenders, side mirrors, headlights, doors, rear quarter panels, roof, trunk, rear bumper and rocker panels.

We offer customization with all our packages by adding clear bra film to headlights, rocker panels, roof strips, door-sills, A-pillars, mudguards, full or partial rear bumpers, or door edges.

Professional Clear Bra Installation

When it comes to a quality clear bra installation for your vehicle, there are no short cuts. Get the professional results you expect at Rallye Coach Works. Our highly trained and experienced installers take the time to do the job correctly from the start.

Before any install, we polish and clean your vehicle to remove loose dirt and other contaminants that could prevent the film from sticking properly. We also polish away any light scratches and blemishes before treating your car with a prep-solvent that ensures a perfect foundation for the film to adhere. We then cut the clear bra to custom fit each part of your vehicle you wish to cover.

We use only 3M Scotchguard Paint Protection film, which has a reinforced clearcoat that protects your vehicle from dings, dents and UV damage. It goes on smoothly without damaging the surface below for a look that’s indistinguishable from the original finish.

Our hard work, skill and experience give you total peace of mind that your vehicle will receive a top-quality clear bra installation. We install your new finish with the best techniques so that it lasts and retains the just-polished appearance for as long as the clear bra is on the vehicle.

Our Promise to Our Customers

With more than 40 years of autobody experience, we provide top-quality clear bra installations with the best film on the market. We stand behind the skill and dedication of our highly trained technicians and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the work we do.

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