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As a Coloradan, you are familiar with the sudden hail storms which can lead to extensive damage to your vehicle. Whether the hail is large or small, damage may occur. Even pea sized hail can leave countless dents.

At Rallye Coach Works, we repair hail damage regularly and understand the best processes and techniques to do the job right. We’re committed to getting your vehicle back to its pre-storm condition or better.

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Rallye Coach Works Hail Damage Repair

Paintless Dent Removal
With paintless dent removal, PDR, we use the latest techniques and tools to remove the dents from your vehicle’s exterior while maintaining the finish. This means that you get the dent repair you want without requiring a new paint job.

Paintless dent removal also works for door dings and other minor dents. Paintless dent removal is less expensive and quicker than other dent removal processes.

Traditional Dent Removal
With extensive hail damage, PDR isn’t always the best option. Some auto hail damage is so extensive the insurance company totals the vehicle. However, if you find yourself in the in-between place and need traditional dent removal, the team at Rallye Coach Works offers the right process for your vehicle’s exterior.

Traditional dent removal repairs the dent but due to the level of damage may require sanding and painting. While traditional dent removal requires more time and costs more than PDR, it is still a wise investment to avoid the risks of leaving your vehicle unrepaired.

Benefits of Hail Damage Repair
Hail damage not only looks bad, it can lead to other issues like rust. Rust ruins your exterior and reduces the life of your vehicle. When left unaddressed, rust may even lead to mechanical issues.

Leaving hail damage unrepaired also impacts the value of your vehicle. Especially with newer vehicles, hail damage can reduce the resale or trade-in value. In the long-run, repairing hail damage makes sense both aesthetically and financially.

We Understand Insurance Companies
The good news is your insurance company may cover hail damage. With hail damage, it is usually worth it to file a claim because even small hail can leave thousands of dents. We partner with your insurance company to fix your vehicle quickly and accurately.

Many body shops in the Denver area have a “preferred” or “Direct Repair Program” through insurance companies. This classification means they work for the insurance company and receive incentives to keep costs low.

Rallye Coach Works accepts and works with all insurance companies, but we do not work for the insurance companies. We work for you! Your rights and interests are our priority, not making the insurance companies happy. Our goal is to negotiate your repair with your insurance company to make the right repairs needed to get your vehicle back in top shape.

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