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This months newsletter is covering Audi. I have a strong working relationship with Audi, having worked for German car specialty shops for many years including Audi VW dealerships for 16 years. I can remember seeing the then new Audi 5000’s around 1984-85 they looked so modern and nothing out there at the time shared its look, it was fresh. I think that was the model that really got things going for Audi. In the last twenty years the mark has just been getting better and better for Audi. I doesn’t hurt their recent success at the track in the last decade.

I n 2000 I had the opportunity to race in the Vintage group at Sebring the same weekend as the 12 hours of Sebring endurance race where Audi dominated the event. It was totally awesome to share the pits with the 12 Hour cars. The track had a social event the first evening of the event for all the drivers that was pretty cool to mix it up with drivers from all over the world. We also got to drive our Vintage cars one evening from the track to Old Town Sebring to reenact what was done in the early years of the event in the 50‘s. Another thing I can remember was getting thumbs up from the international drivers and crews when we drove through the pit to the grid for our sessions. I know the fans didn’t come to see the Vintage group but when we were on the track there were nearly 100,000 spectators watching us go around the circuit. It was a week of heaven. Hopefully I’ll be back on the track soon.

Till next time keep the shinny side up.

Thanks Everybody, Tony

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