The MG

MG one of my favorite Marks. The year was 1988; I got a phone call on the last day of a job I had, the caller said I heard you like MG’s would you be interested in buying my 1973 MGB Roadster? I’ve owned it since new. So I said tell me more. He said, “it’s been sitting in my back yard for 8 years”. So after work I went over and looked it over, it needed everything, I was thinking I’m unemployed what would be the smart thing to do so I bought it. $75.00 it was a no brainer. The car was originally from Iowa. It had a spun rod bearing and plenty of rust. The poor thing had been sitting for all those years outside under a tarp. I drug it home and gave it to my then girlfriend now wife of 22 years.

I said, “Mary this is for you your very own sports car we’ll fix it up together it’ll be great”. It’s funny when you’re young and in a fairly new romantic relationship you’ll agree to do all kind of crazy things for each other. So that is what we did. We spent the next 4 years restoring that old MGB from the ground up. We joined the local MG Club and made lots of friend that we still have today. We’ve done some car shows, Rallies, and road trips. We still own the MG and don’t use it as much as we would like. Having three kids kind of put her on the back burner. But we use her occasionally. Our oldest is in college and our youngest is in middle school. So it won’t be long before out blasting around the country side in her again.