Hi everyone, this month it’s Mercedes Benz, like Volvo, Mercedes is known for their durability and safety. That is one of the reasons we have one. It came about like this, when our oldest daughter Olivia who is now 21 was learning to drive, our neighbors took notice. Bjorn called one day and asked if I knew of anyone that might be interested in buying his 1984 MB 300D, that by the way he had owned since almost new. We moved into the neighborhood around the same time Spring of 1986, so Bjorn and his lovely wife Anita have seen our family grow from ground zero. Anyway I asked why are you selling it, he said “ I’m buying a new ML 500”. So I asked, “What are you asking for it“. He said, “ I noticed you are teaching Olivia to drive, if you would like to buy it for her I would sell it to you for $500.00”. I was thinking sold, but I said, ”Let me talk to Olivia and see what see thinks and I’ll call you back”. You know as your children get closer to adulthood you want to get them involved with decision making. So I said, “Olivia, Bjorn called and offered to sell us his Mercedes for $500.00 so you can have your own car, what do you think“. Without any hesitation Olivia said, “I don’t want that car”. I said, “Are you kidding it’s a car that works for $500.00. What do you want?”. Olivia, “ A yellow Mustang convertible”. Me, “Really! well you are related to the wrong family, we’re getting the Mercedes and you will like it period“. Doesn’t she realize it’s a Mercedes? Well I called Bjorn back and said,” Olivia is so excited about getting your Mercedes and says thank you. The next day it was in our drive way.

Some of the fun things Olivia learned about owning an older Diesel MB are you have to plug it in when it gets cold or it won’t start. Another fun thing, when you get a vacuum leak in the power door lock system when you turn the key off it doesn’t stop running. It will keep running until it runs out of fuel if you don‘t know what to do. I had to show Olivia, under the hood (MB knew this would happen some day) they put a lever on the engine that says stop. (Instructions: car will not turn off with key open hood press stop lever.) I also told her don’t let it run out of fuel because if it does putting fuel in it will not fix it, you have to prime the fuel system manually. She had to test this one night when it was about zero. There I was teaching her in the dark, zero degrees how to prime the fuel system with the pump provided on the side of the engine. Some things you have to learn your self, like touching the stove. Over time Olivia learned to love it. The car kind of has a way of getting you to love it because it needs you. I swear the car builds character, and a survival instinct. Whenever she would stop for fuel or go to a store people come up and comment with things like, we use to have one of those, or what kind of mileage do you get. Olivia even lovingly named it Tank. About two years ago I got Olivia a more civilized car a 850 Volvo T5 wagon because I got tired of driving up to Greeley to work on the MB, and a wagon is handy for moving when your 21 you move a lot. After I gave her the Volvo I told her I was going to sell Tank, she just about cried so we keep it as a extra car. I put four snow tires on it and it’s my winter transportation, who needs four wheel drive. I like it so much I want to convert it to run on French fry grease.

Who knows, I still have my first car.

Thanks for all the support we get at RCW from our readers, Tony